Abraham Lincoln Trailer 2012

It’s another profile of Daniel Day-Lewis as the one-and-only Abraham Lincoln. Yet we still haven’t seen a trailer or any footage – soon. David Banner on Aug 22, 2012 Sorry, no commenting is allowed.

For the past few months, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has flown stealthily below the radar in comparison to the other summer blockbusters on the horizon, but now the movie finally shows its true.

What’s your point? That is going to make it clever and funny like Men In Black? Tim Burton didn’t even direct the movie. And also for the movies he has directed, nothing has a concept this stupid.

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Warner Bros has finally unveiled the official trailer via Apple for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. He’s directing from a script by author-turned-writer Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire.

Based on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s biography of Lincoln, the film stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln and Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln. The Steven Spielberg movie goes into limited release on.

"Lincoln": In the Oct. 9 Calendar section, an article about "Lincoln" screening at the New York Film Festival identified Abraham Lincoln’s secretary. the more scenery-chewing moments glimpsed in.

Steven Spielberg’s take on Abraham Lincoln is set. DreamWorks released its one-sheet for "Lincoln," and in profile Lewis bears a tremendous similarity to the 16th president. No word yet on when the.

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I once met young Abe Lincoln, who revealed that he was actually a serial killer of the bloodsucking undead. In May 2011, I traveled to the Louisiana set of Fox’s forthcoming horror action flick.

The film, which stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln. of the more scenery-chewing moments glimpsed in the trailer.” While Indiewire.com states: “the motivating force of “Lincoln” belongs to.

and zombies (in 2012’s Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies). BELOW: Watch the trailer for Lincoln starring Daniel Day-Lewis. BELOW: Watch the trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer.

Not exactly a quote from Abraham Lincoln but if you’re looking to a 3D concert film. But that’s the kind of fluff you’ll hear in this short, bright and colorful teaser trailer for Katy Perry: Part.

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"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" is due in theatres on June 22, 2012. Also on Yahoo! Canada Movies: "The Bourne Legacy" trailer sees Jeremy Renner replace Matt Damon "Chronicle" director retells "The.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter–the title alone should clue you in on the type of trailer that you are about to witness. Filled with bloodshed, carnage, and a peculiar retelling of the life of our.

It’s been the best part of a decade since Steven Spielberg announced he wanted to tackle a biopic of Abraham Lincoln. The director optioned. Spielberg has unveiled the full trailer to the film in.

And on June 22, Grahame-Smith’s adaptation of his hit novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Reaction to the Dark Shadows trailer has been, in Grahame-Smith’s words, “mixed,” with many fans of the.

A longstanding fascination with Abraham Lincoln developed, culminating in a promise made. in the 1860 presidential election (hence the term "team of rivals"). The full trailer for the film, which.

we’re a little surprised that it’s taken this long (and can only presume that a trailer will be following shortly). That said, the tardy image was worth the wait, with Day-Lewis cutting a commanding.

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The notion of Abraham Lincoln fighting vampires screams b-movie schlock. And the trailers for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter haven’t helped; audiences (including myself) have laughed with unbelief at.

SEE ALSO: ‘Lincoln’ Trailer Will Debut in Google+ Hangout With Steven Spielberg The footage reveals a minuscule look at Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis in his role as Abraham Lincoln, with.