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It was definitely “All” rather than “Nothing at All” at a Frank Sinatra auction in New York. Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan sold for $68,750. The son of Italian immigrants and born.

Rickles famously introduced himself to Frank Sinatra, whose mother. One of the highlights of Rickles’ career was his televised 1973 roast of Ronald Reagan, hosted by Dean Martin, who takes as much.

Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, as well as relationships with some of the most beautiful and famous women of the day." Stewart Till stated: "Frank Sinatra was one of, if.

A classic among classics, Frank Sinatra had a long and illustrious career. He even donated $4 million in the 1980 presidential campaign to Ronald Reagan, who won the seat to the detriment of Jimmy.

Well before Comedy Central brought roasts to a new generation, Rickles was making a career of insulting the biggest names in the world, whether it was President Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, Dean Martin,

Ronald Reagan is the Frank Sinatra of Republican politics — all GOP politicians want to be him, and all GOP voters long for someone like him. (Just Google “second coming of Ronald Reagan.”) Enter.

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In his 1989 farewell address to the American people, President Ronald Reagan corrected the. who knew something about the voice—Frank Sinatra. And where did the quotations, aphorisms, and excerpts.

Photograph: Popperfoto/AFP Personal effects owned by Ronald and Nancy Reagan, including gifts from Frank Sinatra and Margaret Thatcher, are to go on display in London on Friday before being offered.

A Norman Rockwell portrait of Frank Sinatra on display at Sotheby’s in New York. He was pals with Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, collecting jackets and a medal from Reagan’s inaugural gala which.

Movie icon Elizabeth Taylor allegedly slept with Ronald Reagan when she was a teenager and enjoyed. Tony Curtis, Paul Newman and Frank Sinatra. Her romance with Ol’ Blue Eyes fell flat after she.

“In O’Neill’s opinion, Ronald Reagan, with a prepared text. Reagan’s address also got an A-plus from the president’s pal, Frank Sinatra. And when the Chairman of the Board said something worked,

Legendary US singer Frank Sinatra in a picture taken 07 March 1950 in. Sinatra won back his casino licence with the support of president Ronald Reagan. Sinatra was also known for getting into.

Frank Sinatra’s USA Drinking Team jacket Image Credit. Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan sold for $68,750. The son of Italian immigrants and born in New Jersey in 1915, Sinatra was one.

Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, have pre-sale estimates ranging from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars. Frank Sinatra became a celebrity fixture at the White House during Reagan’s.

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When President Obama and leaders of Asian nations meet here Monday they will feel the tug of history and a bit of glamour on an estate where Ronald Reagan wandered around in slippers, Frank Sinatra.

Frank Sinatra may be best remembered for his velvety voice. The auction also includes signed books by or photographs of Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, George.

Crooner, charmer and fighter: Frank Sinatra died 20 years ago. Sinatra won back his casino licence with the support of president Ronald Reagan. – Battlin’ Frankie – Sinatra was also known for.

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Legendary comedian Don Rickles made a career out of roasting celebrities from Frank Sinatra to Johnny Carson, but it was his performance at Ronald Reagan’s second inaugural ball that he would later.