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Was Ronald Reagan a good student? He was more interested in football than in studying, but he was never in trouble academically. In high school he was a "B" student.

May 12, 2013  · Best Answer: Reagan ending the Cold War is a bit of Republican myth. Ronald Reagan doubled our defense spending (and tripled the entire pre-existing national debt!) The Soviet Union collapsed several years after Reagan left office. It was under.

He’s a great. for a president to pardon someone who has not formally requested it through the Justice Department. And as Trump has noted himself, the Constitution gives presidents a broad and.

Not from my view. He was a spokesmodel willing to do whatever money asked, with his own touches of antique, corny ‘charm’ added for effect. He cheated the election, armed enemies, put Americans in danger, ran from terror, participated in illegal s.

Feb 11, 2009  · FDR is one of the worst president we ever had his new deal made the depression last much longer and JFK really didnt do ****. Reagan though was by far the best president ever. He set us out during the clinton era and all the great things that happened then was due to reagans policy. He made our military strong and feared.

4 days ago · Reagan hired Arbusto Oil owner Bush as vice president. Reagan knew that the Berlin Wall was going to be torn down, so, in a commanding deep voice, he ordered "tear down that wall." Carter was blamed for being too wimpy to do anything about it. Carter was a brilliant nuclear physicist, and he cared deeply about disasters and the poor.

North, 74, who already serves on the NRA’s board of directors, was a pivotal figure in the Iran-contra affair involving secret sales of arms to Iran by Republican President Ronald. lady Nancy.

Jon Ward is senior political correspondent for Yahoo News. He is the author. He went on to attack Republican nominee Ronald Reagan as “no friend of labor.. no friend of this city and our great.

Andrea Mitchell quietly slips off an. shouting at the president when he goes to the helicopter?” I’d say, “Well, he kind of expects it.” That was Ronald Reagan and that’s the only way he’d talk to.

Kevin Brady, chairman of the tax-writing U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee, spoke in broad brushstrokes about the effort at Rancho del Cielo, the country home of former President.

Dec 03, 2018  · He has too long been overshadowed, first by Ronald Reagan, the great leader of the conservative movement who beat him for the 1980 GOP nomination; then by Bill Clinton, the youthful and “cool” governor from Arkansas who defeated him in the 1992 election; and finally, by his own son, George W. Bush, who won the second term that his father could not, but whose tenure was much more.

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Ronald Reagan is the most influential US president in modern times since Franklin D. Roosevelt. He shifted both the Republican Party and the nation to the right and lead one of the most aggressive anti-communist foreign policies during the Cold Wa.

Former President Ronald Reagan. Criticism from Reagan will come as a blow to Trump, since he has repeatedly praised and likened himself to President Reagan, even co-opting his 1980 campaign slogan.

Jun 06, 2004  · “Ronald Reagan was a great communicator not because he said things in an unusual way but because he said great things – things that were true and needed saying. Those on the left in his day always thought Reagan had some magical way of expressing himself. He didn’t. It was what he said that was important, not how he said it…

When he’s inaugurated this upcoming January, he’ll become the oldest elected president in US history. Previously, the oldest elected president was Ronald Reagan, who took the. There’s very good.

If I was Bonds’ lawyers, at this moment I would be really feeling pretty good that they’ve got a real shot of. this week includes Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, appointed by President Ronald Reagan,

So what’s the President’s toughest task. has been—literally—a punch line. Ronald Reagan called the statement “the most terrifying words in the English language.” It’s also one of the answers to the.

But now a former Ronald Reagan aide has taken that idea up a notch with a radical. constitutional and legal approach — secession from the United States of America. President Abraham Lincoln once.

Nov 15, 2017  · He was pretty good, in general terms. For his time and what he was up against. There is no perfect President, but he falls into the 80% rule. Enough anyway. Depending on what one considers "modern" I would cast my vote for T.Roosevelt. As he invented the Modern Presidency. Gave the position the teeth and prominence it has today,

Jose Sulaiman, the longtime president of the WBC, died of heart disease at 82 years old in January. He’d been extremely close with his six children, and every day he was in the hospital at the Ronald.

Jan 06, 2009  · Well, I need a lot of opinions about this because I have a persuasive speech to write tomorrow and i have to convince my teacher and classmates that former President Marcos was a great leader. Do you think he was a good president for all the things he has done? I hope you can give me his good and bad sides? Thank you! 😀

Smith recently published his newest book, "Ronald Reagan and the Great Social Security Heist. perpetrated by every Congress and every President of the United States since Ronald Reagan.," writes.

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Truman, who is often credited as the father of the presidential turkey pardon. “Good Eatin’ Mr. President." JFK spared the bird just three days before he was assassinated in Dallas. Lyndon Johnson,

The intelligence community’s focus on Russia as the source of cyberattacks on Democrats during the presidential campaign is "a political witch hunt," President-elect Donald. counties in the.

Twenty years ago in the early hours of October 31, River Phoenix, the brooding, talented actor who seemed more interested in creating great art than scoring. eight years of President Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan is the most influential US president in modern times since Franklin D. Roosevelt. He shifted both the Republican Party and the nation to the right and lead one of the most aggressive anti-communist foreign policies during the Cold Wa.

Nov 13, 2015  · Answers. Another presidential election is upon us. And politically ignorant Americans, one of whom is running for president, still don’t know what the president does, and doesn’t do. Americans should just read the Constitution. But they won’t. How about you do your own schoolwork instead of depending on the Internet to give you answers.

Professor Robert McElvaine has studied businessmen as president. "I was just startled to see how badly things had gone under presidents who were successful in business," he told Yahoo Finance.

Jul 30, 2019  · Best Answer: Probably his association with Jimmy Carter and the fact that the economy was booming from about 1983 (Reagan had entered office in the context of back-to-back recessions) up to 1987, when it crashed. Reagan was a nice, folksy guy who made people feel good, even though he pretty much left the.

The meme concluded: “Share this for your friends who STILL think Republicans are GOOD. We used Yahoo! Finance data for this, which only goes back as far as 29 January 1985, so we’re missing figures.

May 28, 2007  · Answers. Now he’s one of the most admired presidents in our history. One can only hope that "W" isn’t able to spin his own history of catastrophic errors. He is very much like Reagan in that his absolute "faith" in his "good instincts" are chiseled in stone – at least in his mind they are.

President Ronald Reagan was 69 years 11 months when first inaugurated on January 20, 1981. He was 73 years, 11 months when he began his second term of office on January 20, 1985. What age is he.